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“Dubrovnik is work of human inspiration. It is mystery of the aesthetic and material, coalesced in harmony and form. Dubrovnik is light, white walls, chiming bells and sea gulls that slowly flap their wings. It is a city that fills the heart. For centuries now it has explored freedom with verses sung to liberty, the greatest of all treasures cherished by human heart. Centuries of insight and accord, a simple, charming urban entity, whose integral spirit and concordance are worthy of our deepest admiration.

The city at the foot of hill Srđ is a highlight of the Adriatic and the whole Croatia.
If there had been in the world more cities of Dubrovnik, only one of them would have been the real one – the true, the genuine one, the only Dubrovnik of stone and light. This open palm under the stars, given to the world. Exposed to influences, but always personal. Turned to the winds and always solid. It is not the power of arm that guards on its stone towers and walls, but the idea and the sense of freedom. Not the sword won victories make it great, it is the power of creative thought. Dubrovnik is the city of poets and city the poet…

It is not easy to write about Dubrovnik, it has to be seen, experienced and one has to be filled with its history which is reflected in numerous city streets, beaches, churches and museums. The city of hotels, beautiful surroundings, envious ecological standard and appropriate tourist offers in every season.



The private accommodation for domestic and foreign guests, travelers and passengers at rooms and apartments, daily and for longer terms during the whole year.


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